Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Safe & Natural Self Tanner - Post by Danica

 Let's get tan, the safe way! 

So much has happened in the last month here for us at formerly Due to some mishaps between and Google our old web address was sold out and here we are starting over.   It was a tough decision for the creator and owner of the site whether to start over or let it go.  For years now Heidi has poured her heart and soul into creating and running AOAMM, the topics were great, and the giveaways have always been a fan favorite. I mean, who doesn’t like winning great prizes?  Anyways, between the stresses of losing what she has worked so hard on, her job, parenting two beautiful but busy little ladies, and the long awaited wedding that is sadly but finally, OVER!  Things have finally begun to simmer down as much as they can for this group of mommies!  
   Let’s talk SUN! Living in Minnesota the weather has never been all that predictable, yesterday was 85 degrees and sunny, and today it is rainy, windy, and gloomy.  With the weather being unpredictable and the recent tanning we had been doing in preparation for Heidi’s April wedding, (and the hopeful onset of summer) I have been thinking once again of the dangers of sun and the risks we take every day that we step outside.  Don’t get me wrong the sun has many benefits, and I LOVE my time in the sun, (Besides. . .  I honestly think that Robert Pattinson is the only man who could pull of the iconic white and glittery, shimmer in the sun complexion.) That being said, I have a fool proof plan. It is equally safe and effective for everyone!
So here it is. . . My recipe for a great tan with no risk of skin cancer. . .
At Home Spray Tan
Required time: About 30-40 min. (give or take depending on if the kids are napping)
Skill Level: None what-so-ever!  If you mess this one up you might want to consider hiring a maid.
Ingredients: 4 black tea bags, 2 cups of boiling water, Spray bottle or a sponge.  Optional: Body Lotion and pure cocoa powder
Prep Instructions: Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil,  Turn stove off, Add tea bags to the pot of water, let them steep for 10-15 minutes until tea is dark and cool enough to touch.  Pour “Tanner” into your spray bottle, (If you are opting to sponge it on just leave it in the pot) 
Using Directions: Spray (Or sponge) directly on to clean and dry skin (TIP: Stand on something you don’t mind getting dirty for application or apply in the shower so you can hose it down when done. Tea will stain clothes if wet so make sure you are dry before dressing. ) Let air dry and apply another coat for a deeper darker color.  (Repeat as desired) Your new “Tea Tan” should last 3-4 days.
OH YEAH. . . The lotion and cocoa powder. .  . Mix them together until you reach your desired shade, apply to skin as you normally would for an all over bronzer. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prenatal Universe in Tacoma, WA -Shelly's Review

Being pregnant with my third and possibly last child, I wanted to make sure that this pregnancy was everything I always wanted it to be. I had minor morning sickness, found out we were having a baby girl (so excited!) and since we are a Navy Family, we get the joy of seeing Military Clinics/Hospitals. Not saying anything bad about them, but we get one ultrasound and that is to make sure our baby is a "He" or a "She" and to make sure it is a healthy pregnancy. Since my pregnancy was healthy and right on key with what Doctors thought I should be, we got to see our baby girl in the wonderful 2D (Jack Skeleton image) as I like to call it. 

I know a lot of people who have gone out and had 3D/4D ultrasounds done but I never knew if it was worth it being pregnant. I mean, what are you going to see that you didn't see on the 2D version? 
Lucky enough, Gennadiy from Prenatal Universe in Tacoma, WA (our new nesting place) offered me a 3D/4D Ultrasound package to review on Three Wise Mommies!
We first arrived (Ryan -My Husband- and I) and were very pleased with the location. It was clean, neat and super comfortable. It did not feel like you were waiting inside a sterile clinic, instead it was friendly and inviting. Gennadiy was SO kind and very wise at his profession. He knew what he was doing and explained everything to us each moment. You can tell he genuinely cares about his clients and is just as excited as the expecting parents!
Our Baby Girl!

Baby C ended up getting some great shots throughout the session (we even got a DVD of her moving all around!)
look at her little feet!
Sleepy Girl!
 Overall the experience is something I can not believe I waited until my third child for! I wish I would have done it with my other two kids. It was something I will remember and cherish forever and I can not wait to show her the images and DVD when she is older, so she can see what she looked like in Mommy's tummy!

-Information on Prenatal Universe-
Prenatal Universe Website
  • Location is: 4301 S Pine Str
    Tacoma,WA 98409
    Suite 30-05
    Tacoma Mall Building
  •  They encourage prenatal bonding by providing a non-diagnostic ultrasound focusing on creating breathtaking 3D images and 4D videos, which will bring a delightful reality to your pregnancy experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • The fully qualified sonographers capture and save your baby pictures and videos on a CD or DVD, which allows you to print additional photos and share your memorable experience with your loved ones easily via email.
    3D/4D Ultrasound Session $149.99
    ·       Gender determination upon request
    ·       1 CD with all your session images to save, print or email
    ·       DVD Video of your session
    ·       An assortment of black and white photos of your baby
    ·       3 color photos
    ·       25%  off discount for the next 3D/4D visit (same pregnancy)

         Additional photos $10 each
         Additional CD/DVD $5 each

                 2D Ultrasound $75

    Peace of Mind:Heart Rate, Movement, Position
     ·       A DVD video of your session
    ·       Gender determination upon request
    ·       An assortment of black and white photos of your baby
     ·       A CD with multiple black white images

                    Additional CD/DVD $5 each
                This scan is 2D, similar to the scan in your Dr's office

                   Gender Check Only $60
                  You must be at least 16 weeks into your pregnancy before coming in for Gender Confirmation.

    *This review is my opinion. I was not paid for this post. All thoughts are that of TWM and do not reflect the company*

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! It's so good to finally say that. Our last blog Www.AdventuresofaMNmom.Com was shut down due to payment issues with Google. We paid them, they didn't credit the account and sold our domain name at auction (Grrrrrrr!)

So after a few busy  month's, Three Wise Mommies to start over and new.
Shelly, Danica and Myself (Heidi) are proud and excited to start this new adventure in "Blogging"
with our new site, THREE WISE MOMMIES!

If you are a old follower of AOAMM, you probably remember the back story of all of us writers/mom's. If you are new, please click the "Three Wise Mommy's" tab at the top of the page to learn more about us!
 We plan to be up and running this weekend!

I look forward to sharing with you all again and hope to pick up where we left off!

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