The Three Mom's

Shelly Cameron

Shelly is a Minnesota native, who currently resides in Washington State with her husband and 2 (+1 on the way) children. She enjoys reading and outdoor activities with her family. Love of running and pets, Shelly always makes time to stop and smell the roses. She is a Navy Wife and enjoys traveling.

Heidi Cameron
 Heidi is a born and raised Minnesota girl. She lives in Central Minnesota with her Husband and 2 children. She is the former author of "Adventures of a Minnesota Mom" and has a love of writing and being a parent. She loves to travel and decorate and try new things.

 Danica Goodman
 Danica is another born and raised Minnesota Mom. Danica and her Husband, along with their 4 children, live in a small town in Central Minnesota.  They are an outdoor family with a love of hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. Danica lost her first born due to premature birth complications and has made every effort to help those in need. She is a Foster Parent and a proud adoptive mother.


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